Surfkoat Acrylicpack-S

Color Chart

ACRYLPACK-S is a high solids, concentrated, solvent based acrylic tint system specially formulated for solvent based acrylic sealers. ACRYLPACK-S is formulated with high quality, ultra fine particle pigments that easily disperse in surfkoat’s solvent based acrylic sealers.

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Key Features​​​​
  • 14 Colors
  • 1 Quart per 5 gallons
  • Excellent opacity
  • Easily disperses in to most solvent based acrylic sealers.
  • Packaged in 32oz bottle

Additional information

Acrylpack-S Color Options

White 32oz, Off White 32oz, Light Gray 32oz, Medium Gray 32oz, Dark Gray 32oz, Charcoal 32oz, Black 32oz, Buff 32oz, Sun Buff 32oz, Arabian Sand 32oz, Taupe 32oz, Canyon Clay 32oz, Brick Red 32oz, Tile Red 32oz

Technical Data