ET-80 Polyaspartic

ET-80 is a new and improved version of our popular two- component, 80% solids, VOC Compliant, Aliphatic Polyaspartic. ET-80 has extended pot life, which allows the installer the opportunity to keep more product in the bucket, mix larger quantities of product, and still have the fast cure time characteristics of Polyaspartics.

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  • Displays fast cure times with excellent adhesion characteristics to a variety of substrates/coatings  
  • Will provide a glossy smooth finish when cured  
  • Extended open times offer better workability while maintaining a fast cure rate  
  • 100% Polyurea elastomer displays excellent UV, chemical, and abrasion resistance at a wide range of temperatures  
  • Can be applied indoors or outdoors with minimal disturbance contributed to high VOC levels that are found in most epoxies and polyurethanes  
  • Versatile topcoat for use on both horizontal and vertical applications  
  • Easy to mix 1:1 ratio  
  • Working time of 30-35 minutes once mixed


  • Part A 2 gallon container 
  • Part B 2 gallon container

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ET-80 Packaging

4 Gallon Kit, 10 Gallon Kit

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ET 80 – TDS