Stone Edge CPR – Concrete Patch & Repair

Stone Edge Surfaces CPR-Concrete Patch and Repair is a just add water, high-performance, multi-use, 15 to 30-minute set time, 10,000 psi, no-shrink, non-cracking, easy to use concrete patch and repair material used for general and structural concrete repair from feathered edge to 6” thick.



CPR-Concrete Patch and Repair can be used in industrial, commercial and residential grouting, concrete repairing and patching, doweling and anchoring.

CPR can be used as a standalone patch and repair product or as an underlayment for most overlays.

CPR can be used as a scratch coat, it can be colored, ground to blend in and even polished. Note: When applying horizontally on a walking or driving surface, do not feather the edges and application depth must be a minimum of 1/4”.

CPR comes in light Concrete Gray in: 50 LB Bags (FXCPR50) and 20 LB Pails (FXCPR20).


  • Rebuilding Concrete stairs, corners, edges, pool copings, chips, gouges, stanchions, bridges, pillars, posts.
  • Filling large holes in concrete walls, fences, Concrete Patch and Repair (Vertical, Horizontal, Overhead)
  • Industrial, Commercial, and Residential
  • Grouting, Doweling and Anchoring
  • As an Underlayment for Overlays


  • THICKNESS: Vertical & Overhead: Feather thin to 6”+ deep. Horizontal: 1/4″ minimum to 6″ Deep.
  • APPLICATION METHOD: Most common method is Trowel
  • WORKING TIME: 1-15 minutes in warm temperatures, +/- depending on temp, humidity. 15 to 30 minute average set time.
  • PRODUCTS USED WITH: concrete overlays, epoxies, sealers.

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20 lb Pail, 50 lb Bag Mix

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