Stone Edge Liquid Colorants


Stone Edge Surfaces Liquid  Colors are a blend of natural iron oxide pigments and water  hat come in 16 beautiful colors, packaged in 32 OZ bottles.Liquid Colors are mixed with Stone Edge Surfaces Pro Seal. This water based sealer is the rheological agent needed to carry the natural pigments deep into the concrete to give a lasting beautiful rich color.

Liquid Colors are most commonly used for topical coloring applications but can also be added into Accent Enhancer for crack fill applications and can be used in place of Stone Edge Surfaces ColorPax to tint any of the Stone Edge Surfaces Overlay Mixes to achieve a uniform color throughout the mix.



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Liquid Colors

Mauve 32oz Bottle, Mist Gray 32oz Bottle, Dove Gray 32oz Bottle, Bronze 32oz Bottle, Persimmon 32oz Bottle, Cayenne 32oz Bottle, Clay 32oz Bottle, Spanish Red 32oz Bottle, Dark Gray 32oz Bottle, Dark Cypress 32oz Bottle, Linen 32oz Bottle, Slate Green 32oz Bottle, Charcoal Gray 32oz Bottle, Dogwood 32oz Bottle, Palace Beige 32oz Bottle, White 32oz Bottle

Technical Data

Liquid Colors – TDS