Stone Edge Smooth Coat Bag Mix

Stone Edge Surfaces Smooth Coat Mix  is a just add water, portland cement, very fine aggregate concrete overlay used for base coats, trowel and spray textures.

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Stone Edge Surfaces Smooth Coat Mix is a no primer required heavily polymer modified, Portland cement, fine aggregates and other proprietary additive cementitious overlay mix used as a smooth coat or slurry mix and as a broom finish mix. Smooth Coat is a ready to use, single component “just-add-water” bagged mix that is easy to use, dries extremely hard, can be pumped, troweled and sprayed, and comes in Gray 50 lb. Bags, with all necessary ingredients being contained in the bag, with water being added on site.

Best use is Horizontal smooth/slurry coat or thin and texture coat, skip-troweled, broom finish for deck, balcony, flooring, driveway, patio, sidewalk and wall resurfacing in both commercial and residential applications. Product can be pumped or sprayed and is extremely smooth and easy to use. Primer is Not required, but can be used if desired on adverse conditions. Smooth Coat can be integrally colored and enhanced with pigments, stains, and sealers. Apply from feather finish to a max 1/8th inch thick.


Mix 5.5 – 7 Quarts (5.2 – 6.62 Liters) of clean clear potable water per 50# (22.68kg) bag of Smooth Coat Mix. Hard or soft water can affect the amount of water needed for consistency.

NOTE: Apply water first to mixing container, followed by the Smooth Coat dry mix. This will eliminate clumping of material while mixing. Mix ingredients for approximately 2 – 3 minutes, then wait 1-2 minutes to allow mixture ingredients to fully hydrate or “false set”. Then remix again and add small amounts of water if needed to create the desired consistency.

NOTE: If Adding Integral colors…Mix colors with water thoroughly first, then add mix to the water.

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50 lb Bag Mix – White, 50 lb Bag Mix – Gray

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