Stone Edge Pro Bond Ultra Bag Mix

Pro Bond Ultra is a commercial grade, heavily polymerized, multi-use, Base Coat and Top Coat. This just add water patch, repair, refurbish, and rebuild bag mix will bond extremely well without the use of a primer. Pro Bond Ultra is 5,000 psi and is used as a sloping product for decks, roofs, and also ramps, driveways, parking garages and more.


Stone Edge Surfaces Pro Bond is ASTM E84 Fire and Smoke Class A Certified, and is a Multi-Use, Pre Sanded, Commercial Grade, Single Component, Just-Add-Water, No Primer Required, Heavily Polymerized Extreme Bonding Concrete mix that has high flexural strength, sticks to just about everything and is extremely easy to use. Pro Bond is an Extreme Bonding Base Coat, Underlayment and Repair Concrete Mix and is most often used as a horizontal Concrete Repair mix for filling of spalled and damaged concrete areas before applying an overlay.

Pro Bond is also used for deep fill applications from thin up to 3 inches thick, and it is used on decks and roofs to create positive slope. Pro Bond is the Base Coat in our Deck Waterproofing Systems, has been approved as a Top Coat over FoamCrete materials on Commercial Roofs, and is used in Swimming Pools as a Scratch Coat, just to name some of its uses. Pro Bond creates an incredibly strong, durable, and water resistant physical and chemical bond between the substrate and concrete overlays, concrete, plaster, drywall, Styrofoam, brick, block, tile, gunite and more. If you use Westcoat ,Pli-Dek, Multicoat, Life Deck or other waterproof decking systems, or if you use PermaKote or Multicoat Scratch Kote when refurbishing swimming pools…Pro Bond is a fantastic alternative

MIXING INSTRUCTIONS: NOTE: When Mixing, add water to container first then add dry mix. Use cool, clean potable water and in hot climates you can ice your water.

BASE COAT – UNDERLAYMENT – CONCRETE REPAIR: Use 3.5 – 4 QUARTS (3.31 – 3.78 L) WATER per 50# (22.68kg) bag. Start at 3.5 Quarts of water and add more water as needed.

PUMPING: Recommend a 30+ GPM Max Discharge rate pump with capacity of 8 to 10 50# bag batch minimum (Strong Super80 or Placer type). Use 4 – 4.5 QUARTS (3.78 – 4.25 L) WATER per 50# (22.68kg) bag (start at 4 Quarts and add more water as needed). NOTE: More/Less water may be required depending on air temp., humidity, water mineral content as water chemistry varies by location.

MIXING: Mix for 3 minutes with mechanical mixer after all dry material has been added to water, add more water if necessary not to exceed maximum amounts listed above without testing workability and dry time. APPLICATION: Pumping (see pumping instructions above). Trowel tight over Lath. Gague Rake, Trowel, Smoother, or Heavy Nap Roller for base coats and Concrete Repair. Use a heavy Loop Roller to create vertical scratch coat. DRY TIME: Varies by thickness from 1 hours to 24 hours.


Technical Data

Pro Bond Ultra – TDS