Citadel® Ultra-Hydro Stop Primer

Ultra-Hydro Stop Primer is a versatile moisture vapor barrier ideal for use on damp and green concrete floors. It is the perfect solution on moisture laden concrete surfaces for the installation of most resinous coatings and protects moisture sensitive flooring. Ultra-Hydro Stop Primer is two component, 100% solids epoxy primer that is easy to install, self-leveling and fast setting. It provides excellent adhesion and is capable of holding back up to 25 lbs. of moisture vapor transmission, (MVT). Available in Clear, Dunes Tan and Light Grey. The pre-tinted colors can be used as broadcast coats to save time and money. 3:2 (Base to Activator by volume)

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UHS Primer Packaging

5 Gallon Kit


Clear, Dunes Tan, Light Grey

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Citadel® Ultra-Hydro Stop Primer